Our Partners

To mark 20 years in the marine industry CORFUEL is embarking on a new chapter.
CORFUEL works in partnership with other service providers in the yachting industry that have the same reliable professional record.

Our long standing professional experience allows us to discern our business partners for their standards of practice, reliability and quality of service.

Boat Yard

Specialising in yacht maintenance the Boat Yard services include:

  • Hoisting and launching
  • Maintenance
  • Mechanic and Electronic repairs
  • Carpentry repairs

Tel. +30 26610 33771
Mob. +30 6973 793207

Aurelia Mobile Spa

Aurelia Mobile Spa is the perfectly organised Mobile Spa that offers its clients the possibility to have luxurious and relaxing treatments in the convenience of their hired or personal yachts.
“Our therapists use the highest quality of aromatic oils and products to relax and pamper our clients in a space of tranquillity and complete privacy”
Aurelia Mobile Spa is based in Corfu but has also recently expanded to the island of Paxos providing the highest quality of services by professional therapists.
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Commercial Diving Services

Corfu – Paxos
Mob. Tel +30 6945784034 +306977246921